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soft focus

Photography and I can sometimes fight with each other. And by each other, I mean, sometimes, I have felt as if I was not developing as much as I would like to as a photographer. The photographers I have admired are shooting all of the time. I am not one who finishes a lot of projects. I am capable of admitting that flaw. I seriously intend to keep going with this 365 project. Matt has been a great help. I know I mentioned that in the previous post, but I was grateful to receive a text during my shift, asking if I had taken my picture yet today. Had I not experimented with a few things, I would've said,"No," and used an ashamed Emoji face. I had a few options to choose from today so even if I child had not gotten their shoe wedged in the escalator, I would've had some other shot to edit and utilize. I decided that if you don't want to go over to where I post my 365 project, I'll share some of my favorites right here.

everything in between

no one's home

please do not play on the escalators

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