life's been good to me so far

UntitledGave my boyfriend a sweet-ass haircut. #mattylakesideNeed to consult my mentor. Messed up already.
Sweet new owl friendBaking something goodThe Hoan Bridge
Bedtime books: Didion collected essays, Bukowski poems, my words, my thoughts #books #afterglowappthrowback thursdayMy two faves: cerveza and  nail polish

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left to right: Rediscovered this ring and fell in love with it again | I gave Mattykins a haircut and I did a damn good job, if I do say so myself | My yarn and what it looked like when I was having issues | Bought a new owl friend to perch on my bookshelf. I love it | I made OREO stuffed brownies again | The Hoan Bridge | bedtime books of Didion collected essays, Bukowski poems, and my own words in the two notebooks | THROWBACK THURSDAY! Old photos of me | two of my favorite things: cerveza and nail polish

I have been having a good...well, everything. Work could be better, but it's Christmas time and even after that, it's return-a-palooza. I don't think I'll be feeling fine about work for the next few months. However, there are other things that are making me feel really good. The ability to knit, first of all, makes me feel accomplished! Rising above the BS has me feeling awesome. The support of several photographers I admire has really got me tweaking out like you would not believe. I'm still in awe and will probably be feeling that for a long time. It's not necessarily about other people's approval, I know. But when it is someone whose work you have admired from afar, I am going to flip my shit.

I've been trying and trying to be consistent with posting and it's not going as well as I want. I won't beat myself up about it, but I really really want to make the effort for consistent content. I'm going to end this post now since I'm getting sleepy and this is probably coming off as a ramble. Farewell, all!

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