b*tches be crafty


The other day, I was G-Chatting with my wonderful friend, Laura, about our craft store experiences. The Michaels I go to is pretty huge and feels dead up until you get to the cash register. Then it seems like everyone decided to check out at the same time. Yesterday was actually the first time I was able to just walk up to the cashier and check out right away, but I guess it was still early in the day. Laura went to a Joann Fabrics near her place in Chicago and said that the checkout line wrapped around the store. Laura always says the greatest things that usually become inside jokes that we use for years ("I thought it was just an expression!" came up at the Beach House show and she first said it ten years again, haha) so when she said,"Bitches be crafty!" I literally laughed out loud, even though we were just typing back and forth.

Being crafty isn't necessarily a bad thing. Talking to a co-worker yesterday, I actually feel like I'm getting stuff done while I catch up on TV and knit at the same time. Yep, a week-long knitter and I've already got my routine down. I don't want to sound like a braggart, but I've been showing my teacher, Mary, my progress every chance I get and she's like,"Dude, you've got talent!" I even added a new ball of yarn all by myself! I'm so proud. It's very rare that I do something and not beat myself up about how I could've done better. 'Tis my burden.

What else am I doing craft-wise? I'm making my first plush! Sweet, beautiful, wonderful dear little Erin is turning 21 (FINALLY!) January first. I've been planning her birthday presents for a very long time. I started a note on my phone in October so I wouldn't forget any good ideas I had, especially since she killed it with my present. I came up with this plush (I won't say what it is because then it'll ruin the surprise) as a way to make something unique and super personal for Erin. I hope she loves it and I look forward to posting about it once she receives it. In the mean time, I'll just continue to be crafty, and you should, too!

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