life lately: thanksgiving aftermath

left to right: The table we ended up at in the bar had a ton of beers already hanging out there | The next three photos were from a day that the light was coming in beautifully throughout the house | One of my favorite tops with a lace overlay. It also has a zipper going down the back | Matt pointed out to me that our cups can be manipulated to say,"That's so Raven." | Thanksgiving day, my Uncle had this sweet Kodak Eastman camera on display in his basement. | Beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving | Leftover whipped cream from Thanksgiving makes for tasty coffee in the morning | Picked up a copy of Joan Didion's collected nonfiction. Love it! | Just learned to knit two days ago... | My progress thus far :)

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My life lately has been filled with taking in the little things in life, learning to knit, and trying to get into the Holiday spirit. Working in retail, it's a little bit difficult because I feel like we have to prepare for Christmas earlier and earlier every year. I have been doing this for six years and it never gets easier. In fact, I feel like it gets worse and worse. Things get weirder as we get closer to Christmas. I feel like the hermits and recluses decide to venture out into the world and unleash every bit of crazy on our store. But that's okay! I have things to keep me sane, such as my Joan Didion essay collection and notebooks to fill with blog ideas. I've been very brain-stormy lately, which is unusual for me. Luckily, I always keep a notebook with me so I can jot down whatever pops into my head. Something that's an excellent motivator, as well as sparks good ideas is a cold rinse in the shower. It may sound silly, but it works. It is like a shock to your body and brain so it gets the cogs and wheels turning in the brain.

Pardon the rambling in this post, but this is what has been running through my brain lately. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and will update on my work Christmas card project soon. It's a pretty fun one!

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