HONY - Humans of New York

I had other posts lined up for today, but I was so distracted by this new discovery of mine that I had to share. I also have not done an inspiration post in a while so here we go:

I discovered Humans of New York (HONY) this afternoon while I was tumbling around on tumblr. I think one of his photos of Hurricane Sandy's aftermath was in the radar and I clicked to look further into this blog. This was around 12...it is now almost 3:30 and I'm still scrolling through this blog. Why? Not only do the photographs draw you in, but the captions and questions that he asks his subjects have also pulled me in. They show the kind and warm hearted spirits that reside in this hard, rough-n-tumble city. People have this misconception that all New Yorkers are rude a-holes, but that is so not true. My abuela still lives in Harlem and when I can afford it, I'll usually visit her for a week during the summer. The last time I was there, this adorable old couple asked me for directions. Heh, I was like,"Well, I'm also not from here, but we can look at my map and figure out where you're going!" I also bought a bottle of water from a newsstand for $1.50. $1.50! In NYC! Ok, sorry, but that was a shock to my system and I gratefully chugged the water in the middle of the heat wave.

I love the way that Brandon captures quite literally, the humanity and compassion that still resides in the world today. In a world where everyone is a cynic and we're all going to hell in a handbasket, it's nice to stop and take a look at the simple/beautiful things. Brandon explains his reasons for beginning the blog here and how it transformed into something more than what he expected. I admire his ability as a portraitist, as well as a street photographer. I am grateful he has decided to share what he sees with the world as he has now inspired me a great deal. Thank you, Brandon!

All photo credit goes to Humans of New York.

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