don't believe the hype

This song is fitting for this post because the first line that Victoria Legrand sings,"My mother said to me that I would get in trouble..." Ever since I started my job six years ago, one co-worker always tell me to stay out of trouble. I always chuckle and give him the sarcastic reply,"Yeah, okay. I'll try." One day recently, I finally asked him why he always says that to me. "Do I give off the impression that I am just some crazy party girl?"
"Well, no, but you have the cool attitude of a popular girl so I thought maybe you had a fun-filled social life."
I can't even begin to express the ridiculous amount of laughter followed his honest statement. I was flattered he thought I was "cool" and "popular," but I broke it to him that he really doesn't know me at all, then. On any given night, this is the place you will more than likely find me:


Yep, that's my bed. Despite what people think of me because of my personality or whatever, I am a total homebody. I watch Netflix while doing word search and sudoku. I draw, I paint, I blog, I read blogs, I watch true crime television, and I read. I am not out until all hours of the night, drinking at the bars, and whatever the hell else young people are expected to do. I'm not going to go to bars and clubs just because I'm twenty four years old and apparently, that's what I'm "supposed" to do. I like doing what I do. I don't say,"No," when asked to go out, but I'm certainly not out every weekend like my dear older brother.

So the next time someone says to me,"Hey, it's Friday/Saturday! Have you got any big plans?" I'll just simply say,"Yes, and it involves Netflix in bed. Kthnxbai."

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