all doom and gloom


The weather has been rather crappy lately. It is November, after all. November is a mix of snow and rain. Cold, dreary days. My mood is deeply affected by the shitty weather. I am hoping that the weather that is promised this weekend holds out, even if there was a prediction for snow on Monday. Blech. Snow. People get so excited for snow. I'm over snow. I've been over snow. Whenever I have to drive in it with the stupid people all around me, I despise it. Working retail during the holiday season has turned me into such a Scrooge. I actually have been called a Scrooge several times. Bah humbug! Don't get me wrong-- I love decorating my home when it comes to Christmas decorations. However, I hate having to stockpile things so that I don't have to run to the store during those hectic times. Thinking about this is stressing me out I will stop!

The sky looked really weird all day. It was as if it were threatening to snow already. Some places up north have already gotten snow, as well as NYC. Ack! I definitely don't envy those places. It was just rather drizzly. The wet cold weather makes me want to snuggle in bed all day with a mug of hot tea. That is ideal.

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