a journey to knit


Something that I have always wanted to learn how to do, but never took the time to learn was to knit. At one point, I had attempted to, but this was before the age of youtube and I never thought to ask people that I knew how to knit. Today, my pal Mary was kind enough to go with me to the craft store to purchase yarn and needles. I found a yarn I really loved at first. I was unable to put it down after seeing all of the other selections so I'm very happy with the color scheme. I really wanted purple and the ombre yarn works so well. Mary was very patient with me and I learn best by watching others so I keep working on scarves so that I can be prepared for the knit-a-thon we have planned for later in December. I truly cannot wait and also found a nice yarn color scheme that I can use for a scarf for Matt. I'm going to be a knitting fiend now! And I could not be more excited.


  1. this is awesome! you're inspiring me to finish the half-knitted scarf lying on my closet floor :]

    1. I've always wanted to learn so I can make my own scarves and hats. We need those things in the cold Wisconsin winters :)