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I want to start out and say this has been one of the best months this year. My birthday has a little bit to do with it, but I feel like a lot of good things are happening and it's almost over! Where the hell does the time go? I've been obsessing over the new Grizzly Bear album Shields. We play it at work so I try to limit my at-home listening so I won't get sick of it, but with Grizzly Bear, that is impossible. Did you see my recent post on my favorite Grizzly Bear tracks? You most certainly should check it out. This week has been about gathering friends to get to know one another better and our impromptu therapy session that starts once we imbibe. We get to know the people that are just starting. I felt like a fish out of water when I first started, but once you realize everyone is nice and you can ask questions if you've got 'em.

I got to get coffee with my girl, Erin. I get so excited to see my little Wong and to give her her care package.

Hanging with Erin.
Erin loved her care package.

As soon as I saw that Domo Panda, I knew Erin would love it. She gave it a big ol' squeeze before setting it down. I gave her a journal write down her thoughts (the good, the bad, and the ugly), a book of Minnesotan poets and a angry bull keychain. That day, we went on a family trip to Target. Took so much of my energy to not buy everything. I saw my dad today and he gave me a Target gift card. YES!! I'm in HEAVEN. On the day that Erin, Matt, and I went on our family trip to Target, I was easily swayed to purchase this calculator watch so Matt & I can match. Today, I had to drive all the way out in the middle of nowhere to go to my dad's for a triple birthday party-- mine, Justin, and Emiliano (my other brothers). Since I only started to get to know them, I tried to give them gifts that say a little bit about me, as well as something that they would enjoy. I put a lot of thought into my presents so that there is always a cool story behind them.

Classing up my outfit with my new calculator watch.
Straight up in the boonies.
At the gas station.
Jack and Biggie. Kickin' it always.

I think my favorite present that I got is featured in the photograph right above this paragraph. It's Jack Skellington hanging out Notorious B.I.G. He's tiny, yet round. I love how non-threatening he looks. It's great. I have my dearest Matt to thank for Biggie, as well as Can't Hardly Wait and Save the Last Dance. So, the classics, obviously!

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And now, I leave you with the Grizzly Bear song that makes me love them even more. Enjoy!

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