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I remember in one of my very first photography classes in high school, we had to create a photo essay, something that told a story. We had just learned how to cut mat boards so our teacher also want them to be in a storyboard-type mat. That was the worst thing ever. My mat board cutting skills were horrible. Technology now makes creating little storyboards so easy. I enjoy using the Diptic app to create collages on my iPhone. Here are some examples of ones I have done lately:

This has seriously been a great birthday week.
Heavenly. Just a delight. Best dessert ever! (Raspberry truffle brownies)

1. I took a lot of photos at Beach House. I really enjoyed the show. The way they played with the lights and silhouettes provided the perfect backdrop to their glorious music. I love downtown Milwaukee at night, too. The way the streetlights cast an eerie orange glow over the streets. Our friends lived so close to the venue. I know I mentioned this previously, but we literally just walked through one alley and boom-- we were there!
2. Wisconsin had an intense drought this summer. This drought has actually caused out trees to be very vibrantly colored this autumn. I don't mind it one bit! The cool weather calls for tights and lots of layers. I have to buy more tights, but I am really happy that it is my favorite time of the year!
3. I had a gathering with some of my co-workers last night. One of them brought me raspberry truffle brownies. How did it take me so long to try these?! I probably have gained ten pounds in the last week because of my birthday and all of the treats I have consumed. I don't mind it one bit, but these brownies are easily the most delicious dessert I have ever had. I want to marry it. I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant! That is love.

One last note: if you read my blog on a reader of some sort, check out the actual page. I updated few things and will be working on hand drawing social media buttons. I can't wait to update those. I love updating my layouts.

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