curl confessions


I've been trying to write this post all day (October 2), but I can't come up with the right words. Claire Geist of De Lune and Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge did posts about their curls for Paul Mitchell's Curl Collection. I thought I would contribute to the curl discussion, although I have not tried Paul Mitchell's Curl Collection yet. So here is my curl story:

As a kid, I had a curly afro. My curls were tight and bouncy, but it would soon be ruined. For some reason, my family was pretty big on straight hair, although we are naturally curly haired. I would be forced to sit still for my aunt, my mom, or my cousin for two hours while they tamed my "unruly" hair. Unfortunately, it made me think that my natural hair was stupid and ugly so when I finally took control of doing my hair, I found myself flat ironing it all the time. The only time I let my hair be natural was in the summer because it was too hot for blow-drying and flat ironing. Even then, I hated it. The damage the heat inflicted on my hair would not allow for it to curl properly.

It wasn't until 6-7 years ago when I started to run cross country that I said eff it to the whole straightening routine. I would have practice everyday and need to shower and wash the sweat out of my hair. There was no point in me spending an hour or two straightening my hair. Since people were used to my straight locks, I got a lot of "is that a perm?" questions. No, guys. This is my hair. Love it or leave it. Step off if you don't like. It took a while for my curls to be healthy again. Two years ago (?) I chopped off my hair and it was so healthy and bouncy for the first time in years. I have not dyed my hair in two years so it has a cool ombre look to it that people pay big bucks.

What's funny is that now that my hair is always in its natural state (unless I get bored and decide to straighten it; even then, I immediately wash it because it feels so dry), I get a lot of compliments. I never realized how many people wished that they had curly hair. I have a co-worker that told me when she was younger, she would perm her hair all the time to have big bouncy curls. I don't want to make people jealous, but I try to tell people to be happy with what you have. Straight, curly, wavy, in between, whatever. Just accept your hair for what it is: beautiful, no matter what.

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