beach house at the pabst

At the Pabst for Beach House.Beach House #bestnightout
Beach House #latergramCity walk. #milwaukee #latergram

I had been looking forward to Beach House for ages. When I created this post, I knew I was going to see them. My friend, Laura, came up from Chicago just for the show. She said it was worth it! We got to enjoy Alterra, which she told me is super expensive if she can find it in Chicago. I have been getting a whole milk latte with vanilla lately. They didn't have whole milk so I got the breve. What a good idea! It was like a treat, but in coffe form. Laura treated me to brunch. I picked the Original Pancake House. What a great idea! I love breakfast, maybe a little bit too much. But, I mean, banana and brown sugar french toast!

Beach House was really great. I love sitting on the second floor of the Pabst. It always feels closer to the band. Some friends of ours actually live a block away from the venue. We all went to the show together. It's been a while since I have been to a great show like that. I'm also trying to see Cat Power at the end of this month. Crossing my fingers...

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