a sloppy mess

This was the end result of our burger with a fried egg tasting. There was a huge warning that it was a really messy burger. I had to pull my hair back in order to not get too messy with things. It was piled high with french fries, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, ketchup, AND bacon. I really went all out. I even had a hot fudge shake. After that eating venture, I even proceeded to consume a snickers cheesecake flavored cupcake. It was amazing. I'm know Matt was in awe of how much I could eat. I was in shock, too. I am kind of hungry now, though, haha. We went to a pre-showing of Wreck-It Ralph. I mean, John C. Reilly and Jack McBrayer. Need I say more? Well, I can't really say more since it doesn't come out until November 2nd, but I encourage you that if you enjoy old school video games, check it out for a laugh or possibly more...I'm being coy on purpose, duh. Despite the awful and ugly weather, I had a rather full and busy day. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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  1. Wow..that's some melting pot of goodness/badness :) I've had a similarly indulgent evening food wise...proving the 'Once you pop you can't stop' Pringles slogan true :) That video game sounds intriguing!