life lately: little things

Oh, today.#latergram rainy day.My fella gave me a spotted zebra. He's da best (my fella; Zink is pretty cool, too).
Truly mesmerizing sunset this evening. #nofilterDamn, I feel like I'm at work carrying huge stacks of my books like this.Natalie is kind of wiggin' me out, staring like that.
So happy about this jeans and mocs weather.New nail polish that I'm super pumped to use.Jack Skellington for my room

I've been trying to appreciate the little things and documenting those little things with my iPhone. My mom pointed out to me that I'm more obsessed with my phone that in the past. Yikes. That's not good! I'll try to keep my iPhone obnoxious behaviors to myself. I'm pretty proud that I did a little bit of research and figured out how to create a little photo collage using HTML, rather than posting the full-size photos. Now, I suppose, I can post a few more. I have another book review in the works. It's Joan Didion, who I have been a little bit obsessing over lately. In a one week span, I bought three Didion books: Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Play It as It Lays, and The White Album. I'm trying not to gush about how much I love her words. Just love them. Okay, enough yammering. I'll go through my photos/week:

left to right: I was sitting on our porch, waiting for my mom to come out so that I could drop her off at work. The light was just perfect. | It's been raining more. No more drought-like conditions. That was awful for a while there. | I was having a terrible day and was in tears when Matt gave me this Zebra. Zink the Zebra was the spokesperson for an organization that celebrates people's differences. | I raced to capture this sunset. It was wonderful and mesmerizing. These past few sunsets have been pretty phenomenal. I love this time of year! | I own so many books and I just want to keep buying more. | One evening, I was done working before Matt so I waited in an office. Natalie was creepin' me out. | It's been jeans weather. Another reason to love this time of year. Also: boot weather! | Three new polishes I added to my collection. I have a nail polish problem... | I've got a few bookshelves that need decorating. I saw this Jack Skellington figurine and knew that I had to have him. Sally is next on my list.

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  1. those moccasins are to die for! so cute! and all those books? looks like heaven to me!