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How I clean. (w/ How I Met Your Mother)
All of the books.

Did I move, you ask? Yes, I did indeed. Back at home to save money so I can get the hell out of this city! Talking to Erin yesterday made me want to leave even more (haha, Erin, you don't make me want to leave, but our conversation inspired me). The sucky thing is I am terrible at asking people for help. I don't like to burden others with something that I am perfectly capable of doing myself. I guess that is a character flaw of mine-- I don't ask for help! My fella offered to help Wednesday, but I was so hesitant and apprehensive about it and didn't give a definite answer so he made other plans. He did, however, buy me pizza like he promised. A beer, too. This little mover was very happy. I spent all day Wednesday, shuttling boxes back and forth. Thursday was a little bit more relaxed, with throwing random shit away and taking last minute boxes before I had to move the big stuff. Alex had to help me with that because I don't have a truck and I'm too small to carry a bed by myself. Unpacked for a most part. Now it's all the last minute stuff piddly crap that I have to unpack. I won't have any new pictures, but I've got plenty of books I still have to review o_o stay tuned for that!

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