feeling crafty: artist trading cards

Went to the craft store for mod podge. Left with a few other things...

I went to the craft store, intending to only purchase some ModPodge. Instead, I walk out with the above items. Ack! Going through all of my boxes, I realize I was missing my sketchbook. That made me so sad. I honestly just don't know where it went. I treated myself to a new one, although I know, I have dozens of notebooks/sketchbooks at home. It was only $4 so it wasn't breaking the bank, plus it came with a pencil. As you can see, I also purchased some artist trading cards.

Would anyone be interested in receiving one from me? I have three reserved for some dear friends, so that leaves two, blank cards, begging to be dressed up. I tend to collage and paint with these sorts of things. If you'd like to be one of the lucky two with a personalized trading card, leave a comment or shoot me an email: mkephotoge@gmail.com

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  1. i just discovered your blog, but i'd like a card! :]

    1. Sweet! I'll just need your email address so I can get your physical address. I'll have to brain storm and figure out how to make yours super special.

    2. Awesome! My email is vanessa.e.soto [at] gmail.com