autumn colors

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(I'm rushing this post; Dexter is just starting so sorry of it sounds rushed because I am)Autumn is my favorite time of year. Not only does my birthday fall in the autumnal season, but my favorite holiday, Halloween is in autumn. The trees. Oh, look at those gorgeous trees that I snapped while driving around. I'll have to get more because the trees are changing quickly every day. When I drive down the street and see the different shades of yellows, oranges, and flaming reds-- I am bound to get into a car accident with how distracting the pretty light flowing through the leaves. On one of my days off, I'll have to head back up to Holy Hill because they have the best ranges of color up there.

Autumn is also about my birthday. Well, October is my birth month. In two weeks, I will be 24, I will have seen Beach House in concert with my favorite fella and favorite ladyfriend. Everything good happens in the fall, I feel. I'm actually planning a get together for my birthday and am not having an anxiety attack over worries like what if no one shows up? But my fella will be there so I won't be alone. But I don't have that overwhelming fear that I used to have when it came to my birthday. I always thought no one would want to come to a party of some random girl in their grade. I didn't want the hassel, so it wasn't until I was 18 that I had a legit gathering with my friends, not just the family. It gave me hope for future birthdays and since then, they've all gone off without a hitch.

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