all in a week


This past week has been filled with many ups and downs. Mostly downs, hence why I haven't posted. A lot of things in my life are changing and not exactly going how I want them to, but everyone tells me I have to fight for it all. Fight with all of my heart. This is what my week has been:

  • my eldest brother was in town from California. On his last day in town, we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch where I had a decadent mocha and tasty breakfast sandwich.
  • not only was it pouring rain on my day off, putting a damper on my plans, but there was a fire on my block. Two houses away! Insanity ensued.
  • two of my managers have birthdays a week apart and since they spoil me on my birthday, I decided to spoil them with chocolate toffee cookies. They were a hit, as usual.
  • NEW AMERICAN PHOTO THIS WEEK. A phenomenal issue that reignited my love for Pete Souza. A lot of his work can be seen on the White House Flickr page.
  • we've been rather concerned about Rose. I call her kitten, but in reality, she's thirteen years old. Old lady cat is what I should call her. She hasn't been able to keep food down, but we got her special food today that seems to be helping. Hopefully, she starts gaining weight because she's so thin, it's scary.

    That is what my week has looked like, in a nutshell, minus all of the sad and whiny stuff. I'll keep all of that to myself, but I've really got to work hard to keep myself happy. This blog isn't going anywhere, but I always feel like I have to watch what I say because my family, co-workers, and friends read this. Tieka of Selective Potential just posted about having the same dilemma. I'll try to be as much of an open book as I can be, but if anyone is ever left scratching their heads about something, just shoot me an email: Hopefully, things will start looking up for me and I'll try to have a more positive outlook on things.


    1. Don't have a lot of hours at work, but when I do, always hope you will share some with me- Hoping the best for Rose.. dawny

      1. Aw, jeez. Why thank you, Dawn! I enjoy sharing work time with you, too. You have the best stories.