a giveaway of sorts

Hello, beautiful readers! I am in the midst of packing because I'm moving out to save money and hopefully, get out of dodge in the next two years! In my packing, I found some things that I will give away to anyone who wants it. What do you have to do? Nothing, really!


If you want any of the six things I'm listing, just indicate the number in a comment with your email and I will be in contact with you.
  • 1. 5X 8.5 moleskine plain journal
  • 2. 3.5 x 5.5 moleskine plain journal
  • 3. same as number two, just decorated with bunting around the border
  • 4. 5 x 7 print of Chicago at night
  • 5. 5 x 7 print of Chicago at night
  • 6. 8 x 10 print from a shoot I did with my model, Stephanie.

    Any further inquiries, just email me mkephotoge@gmail.com.
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    1. I'd love the number 4 print of Chicago at night [plus number 5 if that's not too greedy?!]. Chicago is were we had our honeymoon and having it in December those photographs bring back great memories!