a fun addiction


What is that? you may be asking yourselves. Or maybe not, I'm not inside of your head, but the point is-- what in the world? This, my friends, is my collection and this is not even all of it. I think I can understand why Steph has resorted into shaming me when I go to buy another journal. Seriously, Elis? Another one? I think you have a problem. All said with love and care, of course. I mean, I can see why. My most recent one is the lime green with casette's all over it in the top right corner. Approximately 1/4 of them are filled. I have a major journal collection. I am legitimately astounded at the sight of them. To save bookshelf room for actual books, I've placed them in storage. As you can see, not all of the things are journals. There were some books mixed in, but I took those out. I have to collect the ones that have taken up residence in my bedroom. I guess I can hold off on buying journals for a few years. I'm not even joking.


  1. I love pretty journals! I have a hard time passing them up too.

  2. I'm like that with writing pens. Especially fine tip and Sharpie pens. I think you have a pretty neat addiction. (:

    1. Journals aren't my only obsession. I, too, have a pen collection :)