the big bang


I haven't been to the Big Bang (our yearly July 3rd in Milwaukee) since I was a kid. I hung out with Erin and Mary. We met up at Mary's apartment and walked to the lake. The traffic was insane and I was glad that we were close enough to walk. Of course, people have to ruin things. It felt like it was a horde of zombies running at us midway through the fireworks because a fight broke out some ways down the hill from us. We thought it best to leave before things got worse and could still see/hear fireworks when we got back to Mary's apartment. It's always an experience, Milwaukee. You keep it real.

I work today, but we're not open super late. I plan on walking to a park nearby and watching the fireworks. Hopefully, nothing crazy will happen again, but I'm sure it will. Luckily, I've learned the beer line near my house (it's a trail...oh Wisconsin) so if we need a make a quick getaway, the beer line is the ticket.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful July 4th. How do I get your email address lady? Love Elle xo

    1. It's on my about me page, but I can just give it to you right here: