must destroy all!

When I have a day off and nothing to do, I go through the blogs I follow and read updates from the past week. The top of my list is The Sartorialist. I have been following The Sart since high school and have always been inspired by Scott Schuman's work. The first thing I noticed was the subject: Re Post: On the Street...27th St, New York. I thought that was interesting so I continued reading. He addressed a comment someone made about his photographs becoming stale or not dealing with fashion at all. I was kind of astonished. Here is a photographer I greatly admire and he's being criticized unabashedly for all to read. I continued reading past posts and came upon the original post. I took a gander at the comments and wow. I couldn't believe how mean these comments were. "This is not special?" A couple of those and then the ones that Scott addresses in the re-post.

I guess what I'm bothered by is just how unnecessary these comments tend to be. The Sartorialist isn't the only blogger to deal with criticism. A lot of bloggers do. I have been fortunate not to, but I'm sure the day will come soon. I could see if it was something like,"It'd be great if we could see her face," or "This shot isn't typically my thing, but technically speaking, the light looks wonderful." Something constructive and not cutting or rude. I don't know. I guess I've never been so bothered by a blogger that I felt the need to tell them they suck rather than just stop visting their page. That just seems to be the logical thing to do. Silly me. Logic clearly just doesn't work here.

The photo in question via The Satorialist

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