music monday: beach house

Bbbbbbbeach Hhhhhhouse by Elis on Grooveshark

Maybe you've heard of them before. Maybe you haven't. What I do know is that you will be mesmerized by Victoria Legrand's voice. If you aren't, well, then, we can't be friends (kidding). Teen Dream came out in 2010 and I bought the cd after we played it a bunch at work. Ethereal is one word that my co-workers and I use to describe her voice. I love it all so I thought that since I'm obsessed with their recent album, Bloom, I should do a playlist of some of my favorite Beach House songs. The albums that these songs came from are Devotion, Teen Dream, and Bloom. Enjoy the magic!


  1. Oh thanks for sharing! I just started up the list and now I'm settling in to unwind. So far I'm enchanted and it could slide into love and maybe a long term relationship. ;)

    1. Just let the love wash over you and all will be well :)