music tuesday: birthday mix

Adam & Annie's Birthdays by Elis on Grooveshark

Yesterday, I was all ready and set to post this playlist. I had just finished up merging those two pictures up there and was going to upload them when my internet pooped out. I tried and tried all day to fix it, but it just wasn't cooperating. I guess I could've gone to Alterra to have a coffee and use their wifi, but blurgh! I just wanted my wifi to work on my day off! So, a day late. Better late than never! I've worked with Adam for almost six years and we've had a very tumultuous relationship. Love-hate, in fact. He could be sweet as pie, but also whined about a lot of things. I hated it! But we've both grown and changed over the years and while he still can irritate the crap out of me sometimes, he's a good guy :) He's also waaaaaaay too into his comic books, but I won't get into that. Anniiiiiie I've known since I was in the seventh grade. We go as far back as Jessica, Laura, and I. I'm glad to have a small group of friends that I've known for years. That's just how I roll. These are a combination of songs that remind me of both. I love you guys!

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