every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

I spent the day trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my car. After breaking down several times out of frustration and irritation, I stepped back, took a shower and said,"Fuck it. I'll look at it tomorrow." After my shower, though, I thought, let me have another crack at it. Oh, and I fixed the bastard! Me. Just lil ol' me. No one was really helping me. I thought my cousin would, but he clearly has other things to worry about than my piece of crud of a car. I also am doing NaPoWriMo. That link will take you to my writing tumblr. NaPoWriMo is National Poetry Writing Month where you challenge yourself to write a poem everyday for thirty days. I got pretty far in my 365 poems...petered out around 57 or so. Oops. I think I can handle thirty days. I already have the two for today posted so check them out.

Some new things will be happening this month. I'm introducing a music monday post tonight. That will follow this post. I am trying to redesign my blog and I will post with a BIG REVEAL some day, soon. I'm also going to be doing more themed Wordless Wednesday posts. I like the one that I did with the doors so I thought I would practice serial photography and shoot different things for each week. I'm also trying to figure out a shop situation. I'm between bigcartel and society6. I'm leaning towards society6. Has anyone else used different sites for selling their prints online? If I could get feedback, that'd be great.

Last week Tuesday, I found the most amazing thing in a box at work. It's a Fujifilm Discovery 312 zoom. It has new batteries and works well. I have a roll of black and white in it and I'm excited to finish up the roll so I can get it processed. For now, I'm just having fun.


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