mug collection

I didn't realize what a burgeoning mug collection Jess and I had until today when I bought another one. We actually were thinking about getting rid of the green & black set we have and keep our hodge podge collection. I'm currently drinking some coffee out of the one pictured above. I also have a really fun one from the Jamie Oliver "Cheeky" collection. Haha, cheeky. He's so British. Anyhow, the mug says Hot & Steamy and on the bottom Like Me. I always cracked up at it so when it went down to $4, I snagged one. Why not? I think the only picture I have is a really old cell phone picture of my friend Laura when she visited me one night. I don't think she would appreciate me posting the picture, haha.

The very bottom mug photo is actually Jessica's mug. I was drinking tea from it last night and wanted to keep my hands warm. Yep, it has these really cool closed in nook so you can wrap and warm your hand around it. Perfect for chilly nights!

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