california by night

In twelve hours, I will be on an airplane! On my way to California! I woke up and it was cold and dreary outside. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be waking up to sunshine! This post will have a lot of exclamation points! Clearly! Now I'm just being obnoxious so I apologize. My mom and I have been texting and calling back and forth since yesterday afternoon. I think getting ready for a trip is more stressful than the trip usually is. It's usually because my mom is freaking out for no reason and therefore I freak out for no reason. I also really hate flying so my nerves are already fraying from having to face that soon. Luckily, I'm mostly packed so I can relax, for the most part. I also really enjoy making lists so naturally I have a checklist for what I packed. I swear, no overpacking. I didn't overpack the last time I went to Chicago and I was so happy! My muscles really thanked me, too, since I didn't have to struggle with a lot of shit I didn't even end up using.

Have I shown you guys this skirt? I love this pattern so much. I got it from target a while ago. I really wanted a red skirt and the print was so full of whimsy, it was begging to be purchased. It's coming with me to Cali. Despite Rose's best efforts (we found her sleeping in my suitcase yesterday), the kittens will not be joining me. I will miss them. They will be extra sad because Jess is usually on campus a lot. They'll only have each other to keep company.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I made Horchata ice cream last week! It was so delicious! Horchata is made many different ways and varies in taste depending on the Latin American country you visit. I'm used to Horchata that is cinnamon-y with a hint of vanilla. That is exactly what this ice cream was: cinnamon-y with a hint of vanilla. So tasty!

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