kids these days

Jessica's little brother and his girlfriend have been hanging out at our place a lot more lately. It's fun having them around. We always seem to cook more. Probably because we want to give Erin a break from gross school food. Last night, I made some tasty chicken. Oh, this chicken turned out perfect. I have perfected chicken! And it no longer makes me squirm when I have to clean and prep it, haha. The only thing left for Jess to do was to make a side. She cooked up some zucchini and onions, if I remember correctly. It smelled delicious. Don't tell her, but I had mac n cheese as my side before she got home o_o hehe, she's doing this Paleo challenge so I'm trying not to eat too many grains in front of her. I'm glad that she's really excited to be doing this. I think she can win, but I don't want to dangle that temptation in front of her.


This evening, Jessica re-made her stew from earlier this week. Oh, man. It was such a nice thing to wake up from a nap to. It smelled delicious and tasted even better.

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