a beautiful inspiration

While in my rut, I have been trying to absorb inspiration from other bloggers. One place where I have found a lot of inspiration is A Beautiful Mess. She has so many tips, from 5 Tips for Bloggers to Organizing Inspiration. She's got a 28 before 29 goal list and really fun DIY projects. There are a couple of bloggers I can think of that are goal oriented and organized.

I would love to knock out a few goals again this year. Last year, I accomplished several things. This year, I have some new goals and I have them all written down so I can happily cross them all off! One goal I have is to collage more. I don't know if you recall, but I have an Ambird notebook that I use for collaging.

I hope I can fill this thing up by the summer. Or at least, that is my goal! I have added two more and I think I will work on some more. Another goal I have is to paint my nails at least once a week. That will hopefully keep them from breaking constantly. The last goals I will share are to write a lot more and read a lot more. I have recorded all of the books I own that I need to read before buying anymore books, plus I'm writing all of my reviews down in a notebook to stay organized. I'll share those will you later this week!

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