more polaroids and blogiversary

I started this blog a year ago tomorrow. I can't believe I actually stuck with it. Okay, bye, guys!

Just kidding. I'm only just getting started with this post. I love looking back at how it all started. It makes me cringe, but it also makes me smile because of how far I have come. That is exactly what I wanted-- growth and happiness. Jessica says that if you go through my flickr photostream that you can see the same kind of growth, only starting four years ago instead of one year. However, it's incredible how much things can change in a year. My hair used to be above my shoulders; it is now the longest it has been since I was a kid. I have a Nikon D3100, not the D3000 that I started out with. I also now own a Holga and inherited my aunt's Polaroid600. I live on my own with my best friend and I am working creatively with things that make me super happy. Despite certain issues in my personal life, everything is great. I hope everyone else had a great year as well. I also hope you all continue to read and watch me grow.

Kristin won "Best Ugly Christmas Sweater".

Sorry I caught you eating with your eyes closed, Emma!

Nap-time buddies!

We're the coolest kids on our block! We have a lighthouse :D


  1. Cool lighthouse! Like the picture where the cat is thinking about the Christmas ornaments. You can almost see him getting into trouble.

  2. Hehe, yeah, that cat was totally testing me. I had to remove him from the table the tree was on because he started to rub against the branches like a weirdo.