holiday spirit

I finally completed our tree this week! Just in time to enjoy before Christmas! It will probably end up staying up longer than the day after Christmas. Since I work in a mall, the Christmas spirit has been around since probably the end of October. We were met with groans when displays went up before Thanksgiving. I'm sorry! That's how it works in stores! I work every weekend, but that's how it goes! I am in the swing of things and just kind of going through the motions. One more week! One more week! It snowed over night. I was highly upset, especially because I was running late this morning. Blurgh! However, it's light. Nothing major. I finally put the bulbs on our tree. I can't wait for work tomorrow. It's the beginning of pancake week! Yummm!

Hopefully Monday, I'll be shooting some more with Stephanie. I have been playing with editing photos with Pixlr. It's really fun! I used an old photo from a shoot I did with Stephanie over the summer, as well as re-did the above photo using Pixlr.


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  1. I'd never heard of pixlr before but I can already tell that I'm going to become obsessed with it. I'm actually playing around with it as I'm typing this comment. I like that photo of your tree.