I doodle a lot. Nothing major. Just shapes and designs. It allows me to really listen during lectures. I'm serious. It may seem as if I am just playing around and I don't care, but I am actually absorbing what is being said as I scribble a billion triangles in my notebook. I recently bought a book, Creative Doodling & Beyond. Not only does it give great examples and exercises in creativity, it also has really cool projects that you can do with doodling. It may seem silly (someone actually scoffed at me when I bought it), I love having books that have great ways to stay creative. I frequently have mental blocks and so at the end of the day, I've been doodling away.

Purchased from A Line of Her Own. She has great stuff in her shop, plus wonderful freebies with purchase. I got a postcard and bookmark!


  1. Ha what a cool book! I am always doodling too.

  2. This book is awesome. Your doodles are much more beautiful than mine! I can only draw sad little stick figures :-) But I also find drawing to be quite helpful during lectures. It helps me concentrate as well!