christmas and haircuts

Check out the sweet addition to our tree, courtesy of Erika. She was so grateful that I took her closing shift on Christmas Eve that she got me the owlie. I didn't really do anything for Christmas. Jess' mom came into town and we now have a doggy visiting. The cats have been going bonkers, not really knowing what to do. They're just special. They lived with Sammy-dog all summer so I don't get what the big deal is. Crazies.

Anyways, since Jess' mom was in town, we got our hairs cut. I still have long hair, but Jessica went for a dramatic change. It's super fucking cute, but what haircut doesn't look cute on that bitch? Jealous...(j-play, love you, bestie). I documented the cut (with some animals sprinkled in). Enjoy!

Some befores:

It says, "Embrace the suck."

Where'd it go?!

There it is!

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