national novel writing month

Do any of my readers participate in this? I have been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2004. I had a couple of years where I didn't participate so this is only my sixth year. My usual partner in crime for years has been Annie, but she is far too busy to participate. I understand. But I needed someone I could pace myself with. I heard through a fellow co-worker that Justin has been writing a thousand words a day.He also plowed through all of Murakami's works and is now trying to find and read memoirs on writing (Ray Bradbury, Ernest Hemingway, and Stephen King are a few that come to mind right away). I asked if he was going to do it and he said,"Yeah, sure. Why not?" I'm doing much better than I have in years past. I think it's because whenever I see him at work, I check on his word count. Ahh, hopefully my competitive nature will push me to finish this year.

Does anyone else participate in a type of creative marathon, such as a 365 project or 52 week project?

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