into the woods

I had lunch with my mom today, but I was rather early. I thought my trip to the craft store would take a lot longer, but since I knew what I needed, I tend to not dawdle. I think the actual shopping took less time than I spent waiting in line. It bothers me when people huff and puff in a line because there's only one lane open and then they hold everything up because they're writing a check. Hey, lady, rather than getting all pissy, you should've been filling out your check so all you had to do was fill in the amount. But hey, I'm using logic. That's what gets me into trouble. Anyways, I didn't feel like killing time watching tv on the couch. I would've likely fallen asleep. Instead, I opted for a walk in the woods and I'm glad that I did.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog ♥ I really appreciate it. I sort of blog-stalked you and you seem like a lovely person with wonderful photos :D

  2. These photos are stunning! And PS FYI...I stalked you from Desert Americana because I enjoyed your comment on her blog so much and now I'm stalking you just a long as stalking still just means following your blog! Xo Lori