holiday partying

I can't believe I have worked where I have for five years. I got my five year pin and it was just weird. In the past, I have watched people at our holiday meetings get their pins (5, 10, 15, etc). Today, I got one, which felt weird. Not weird, but I don't know. I've met people my age who have had approximately ten jobs at different places. I can honestly say that I have never been someone who bounces from job to job. At twenty three years old, I have only had two jobs. I kind of pride myself on that, actually. I'm not saying that I think less of people who have had more jobs than I have, but maybe I should have more experience. I don't know. I just happen to enjoy what I do so I have been around for five years. Well, in order to commemorate my time at my current job, I took loads of pictures at our Holiday meeting.

this is a typical Catey (right) pose, but it's perfect so Emma doesn't feel so tiny.

mother/daughter duo

His tie played carols.

The Dawns. I'm glad the universe didn't implode from the meeting of the Dawns.

Uhhhh, Justin and Mark decided they were going to both squeeze in the middle of things.

listening to: Lupe Fiasco I Gotcha

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  1. How great is that that his tie played carols! You have some fantastic shots in this post.