yellow cake and my birthday

I am the kind of person that has to resist having a birthday week. I used to be an obnoxious tween, running around the week of my birthday, exclaiming It's my birthday week! I already got presents from Jess! Yesterday, she gave me the first three seasons of Friends. We've been obsessed with catching it on Nick @ Nite when they have marathons. Now we can watch them in order!

Jess is still at school, studying for her big organic chemistry exam tomorrow. I am at home, with the cats. They really enjoy sleeping on my bed. I often come home to find them like this:

Or, Rose is often like this:

I decided to make a yellow cake. After my success with my one bowl chocolate cake last week, I decided to hunt down a one bowl yellow cake recipe. I found one! Being a one bowl recipe, it was super simple and quick to make! I decided that yellow cake required some chocolate frosting. Unlike the poster of that blog, I was not out of chocolate! has done it again, providing me with a simple creamy chocolate frosting recipe. Luckily, I read what people write in the reviews because I definitely did not have evaporated milk. I subbed that with whole milk and the frosting came out perfectly! Such a classic dish, but so delicious!


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  1. Oh, Ellie, you make me envious of your baking and kittens! Can I come bake and snuggle your cats? I'm a good roommate. I don't snore either.