pet craze

I am back at home. No longer house/dog-sitting, although it was more fun than I thought it would be. I was a little apprehensive. I have only just gotten used to dogs in the past few years. I got bit when I was six years old and it was very traumatic. However, being around Alex's German shepherd, Zelda, I have come to love doggies. My cousin's Weimaraner was just a big ol' baby, but he was the sweetest puppy, laying his head on my lap while I watched TV. I love snuggly pets. Who doesn't?

Speaking of snuggly pets, ever since I have been back home, the cats have been extra love-y. Today, I worked on a project that Fi is putting together. I had the self-timer on the camera and Rose happened to be making a bitch-face when the shutter closed. It captured Rose as she always is and made me laugh so hard when I looked at it on the computer. I present to you-- Crabby Cat.

crabby cat

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