birthday extravanganza

My birthday was Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to recover until today. Just kidding. I've been working and I'm still getting things from people whenever I just happen to see them. It is seriously birthday week.

I got my card from Annie yesterday. It made me smile. Annie, I hope it makes you smile that your card has its place in front of my Harry Potter books.

Jess got me the first three seasons of Friends, as well as the awesome apron I am wearing! Since I bake so much, I can't believe I don't have an apron. I saw this one online a few weeks ago and showed Jess. Apparently, she found it again and bought it for me. AWESOME!

Alex got me Mario Kart and Dexter season 5. I also have pictured the tiara that I wore at work. It's for a child so I had to keep taking it off. It was seriously trying to work its way into my brain.

A co-worker of mine gave me a Mad Men themed present. That is a cocktail hour-type record, the original newspapers from Milwaukee & Indianapolis from when Kennedy was assassinated, a comic from the 60s (and the month of OCTOBER :D), and little bottles of booze since...well, they are drinking in practically every scene.

And finally, a cameo brooch from my co-worker, Karen. I actually asked her to make me one that I was fully expecting to pay for and she gave it to me for my birthday! I thought it was so sweet. I immediately put it on.

That night, two co-workers took me to the place where we always go. Someone else had given me a gift certificate for there and we had cheese curds and a really good time. It was super low-key. I just don't like doing big bashes for my birthday. Being the center of attention kind of makes me uncomfortable. That was another reason why I kept taking the tiara off that night-- too much attention! Bah. But, all in all, a great day. Now, I'm beat and I'm going to try not to fall asleep watching Project Runway. My eyes just may not cooperate...


  1. Happy happy happy birthday dear! Such lively things you got! Hope you had the BEST time!



  2. Happy Birthday! What a great present that you got in from your co-worker!