yes is a pleasant country

Things with the move have been going well. Since I have all of my major stuff moved in, I can move the rest of my stuff over as I please. I also have the next week off so I can easily make time. Today, I tried to make cinnamon rolls. It sucks that it decided to be very warm today. The dough didn't hold up very well, but the cinnamon rolls/blobs ended up tasty anyway. I think that once the weather cools down, cinnamon rolls will be easier to do. If I followed the recipe completely, I also would probably have had better results.

I have been cleaning like I have never cleaned before. I hope this keeps up so that I will be a good roommate, haha. My room will probably be the only messy room in the apartment. That's usually how it goes in any household that I live in. I can't help it. I clean up in any shared space, but my room will be a mess. Maybe that's something that I can work on.

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