one bowl chocolate cake

I don't know if my roommate was trying to hint something to me. She kept talking about how the other night, as she was going to bed, she kept smelling chocolate cake. One of the girls who lives downstairs has a baking business on the side so on occasion, we get these baking smells wafting through our place. Today, she told me for the second time about this so I thought,"Is she trying to hint something?" Well, our chocolate chip cookies from last week are almost gone so I figured we needed something else chocolatey in its place. I was sad that none of my cookbooks had anything really simple in terms of chocolate cakes. They just seemed rather decadent for something spur of the moment. I took to the internet and found some things I needed to try. I found a one bowl chocolate cake recipe on It was the easiest cake I have ever made!

I just really enjoy baking and if someone else enjoys the fruits of my labor, then I am satisfied. I also made a really simple vanilla frosting, which can be found here. It's rather sweet, but it goes well with the cake. They both were really simple to make and Jess had to study Organic Chemistry for one hour if she were to have a piece of cake. "You mean I can't have my cake and eat it, too?" No, ma'am! I'm the enforcer :)

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  1. i guess it did sound like hinting...mostly i have bad short term memory and dont remember what i say to people....maybe its all the old people i work with. but it was some damn good cake!