indian summer wedding

Well, it was certainly Indian Summer yesterday! I thought I would wear my hair down for the wedding I was shooting, but I immediately put it up upon arrival. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable with the shooting. Directing everyone was really great, so I could compose shots how I felt they looked best, what light would look best. The normal stuff, you know? Dawn was such an easy to please bride. I ended up with loads more photos than I thought I would, but it's really fun to look through them all and remember yesterday. I hope it'll be just as fun for Andrew and Dawn when I give them their album and whatnot.

When I first got to the wedding, I spotted this amazing vintage car. Later, during the reception, I took a few photos of it.

vintage car

Dawn and Andrew were really great to work with and willing to go with my ideas. Hooray!

dawn & andrew
dawn & andrew
flower girls
dawn & andrew

The weather could not have been more perfect.


  1. Great photos!!


    ps. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for anyone who is interested!