autumnal weather and painting

My toes are a little bit cold as I type this. I suppose I could get up to close the window, but I'm feeling a wee bit lazy at the moment. Yes, it feels like autumn is here, but the news/meteorologists rained on my parade! Well, not with rain, but with the caption summer's back!. Sorry, but efffff youuuuuu! I don't want summer back. I slept so well, under a pile of blankets. Jess and I were super pumped to walk to Alterra in sweaters and scarves yesterday afternoon. We were also excited to buy hot drinks to keep us warm. It was awesome. Can you tell we are excited for fall? I can't take another hot day. This apartment gets so hot that sitting still doesn't even help. I am seriously ready for fall.

I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately. I have been trying to finish Mad Men so I have been sitting in front of my computer, watching Netflix and attempting to do watercolor painting. Yes, that is right. Watercolor painting. It has been really fun and I've been playing with a $2 Crayola washable set that has been very nice to me. I got a coupon for 50% off from the craft store so I will buy a nice set of watercolors with that. I'm working on some things to hang in our apartment and possibly, something to send to Amber Seegmiller. That'd be cool.

I thought I would show you all what I have been working on, as well as a drawer from our kitchen (random, I know). I just brought over my teas from my mom's house and I didn't realize I had so many that they would take up so much space as to require a drawer. I'm a smart tea purchaser, usually going for things that are on sale at my job and whatnot. We have really delicious teas. The majority are mine, with I think possibly two from Jessica, hehe. Enjoy my watercolors and my tea selections.

i really enjoy tea

(click on photos to be taken to my flickr page for more detail)

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