ain't that peculiar

I have been rather busy lately. I have hardly been able to go out and take photos. Jess and I are planning a trip to Kettle Moraine State Forest with her brother and his girlfriend. I think that would be really fun. The fall colors there are beautiful and we can also drive over to Holy Hill. This is my favorite time of the year and the leaves are already changing! Besides school and whatnot, I have been working hard on the wedding photos. I am giving them to Dawn this Saturday and I feel like they need more work! I mean, I am sure that when I finished them before, I was satisfied, but now that she is going to see some, I am cropping nad editing lighting like there is no tomorrow. I guess I do have some time tomorrow, but I also have plans in the evening for dinner so I don't want to be working on that while making dinner.

Since I haven't taken any photos, I thought I would share something that I went to a few weeks ago. UWM puts on Pantherfest each year with some really good music (surprisingly). This year, it was LUPE FIASCO and if you know me, you know that I am in love with Lupe. I caught snippets of songs for co-workers that I know also love Lupe. I listen to him obsessively. I have seen him twice in concert and he does not disappoint. So, rather than leaving everyone empty handed, I present a little snippet of "The Show Goes On".

Lupe Fiasco

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