aspire to always be inspired

Lately, I've been feeling uninspired. I don't know if that is accurate. Maybe I'm unmotivated? I don't think that's it. I could have too many ideas. I also have a lot of projects going on, on top of moving out. I wish I had more time to do everything. Tomorrow, I think I will make time to start cleaning so organizing my things for the move won't be difficult.

A lot of people have birthdays this month. Last night, we celebrated Angie's birthday by watching Wet Hot American Summer. Jason's birthday is Thursday. I'm bringing Black Bottom Cupcakes Wednesday night since I don't work Thursday. Joe's birthday was this past week so we'll celebrate that, too. Oh, yeah, and my mom and Alex share a birthday on Sunday. Insanity! I can't take anymore birthdays, but I would certainly like more birthday cakes :)

I've been trying to wear different things, in terms of accessories. I am not someone who is big on jewelry. I usually wear earrings and that's about it. For our four year, like I mentioned, I got a pretty necklace from Alex that was made by Sarah of A Lost Feather. At the same time, a co-worker of mine made a cameo pendant necklace for me. I love it a lot! One of the projects that I need to work on is setting up an Etsy shop for her because she makes wonderful pieces. My mom went shopping Saturday and also picked up a giant owl ring for me. I love it! Don't worry, I haven't been wearing everything all at once, haha.

Back to the topic of inspiration-- so I have a lot of my books moved to the apartment. My mom saw The Help and wanted to read the book. Naturally, I had to go hunt for it. In that box, I found this book that I bought three years ago. It's called A Year of Mornings. It's pulled from the blog, 3191 Miles Apart. Maria Alexandra Vettese is a Portland, Maine-based artist. Stephanie Congdon Barnes is a Portland, Oregon-based photographer. Their history and how they started can be found here at their blog. I love the simplicity of their styles. They are very similar, yet very different women, miles apart. I love it! Check out their publications here. I felt as though this was the right place to turn to for inspiration.

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