approaching the finish line

Earlier this year, I made a few goals that I hoped to achieve by the end of the year. Here is just a sample of things that I had hoped to achieve:

  • find an apartment
  • move out
  • reach 1000 photos on Flickr
  • purchase Nikon D3100
  • buy laptop
  • donate clothes
  • sell Nikon D3000
  • start photography 365 project
    That last one, I wanted to make sure I was sticking with it before I announced what I was doing. That's right. I'm sucked into another 365 project. This time, I am working on my photography, which has been fun and challenging already. I crossed off a lot of the things I have accomplished so far. I'm proud to say that that is half of my list. Maybe I'll do another one next year. That's a good way to push yourself to do different things and achieve things in a chosen time period.

    Moving day looms ahead. So does Alex's birthday extravaganza! I'm playing designated driver so everyone can have a good time. I think it'll be a fun night. I'll also be shooting a wedding this September. I can't wait to do it. I've been prepping and planning for months! I know I'll have fun. I think I've come a long way since my first wedding.

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