If you read my blog on Google Reader or some other blog reading app, you may not have noticed/seen my blog redesign. Once again, it is rather balmy outside and I am waiting on a couple of packages so I am at home, messing around on the computer. It is also way too hot outside. Even last night, after work, it felt like you were wrapped in a wool blanket. I was in a sleeveless dress. Every time I have left work the past few nights, my glasses have fogged up. That is how hot it is. Blurgh! Well, enough ranting about the heatwave. This was supposed to be able my redesigning.

I have spent a lot of time editing photos in different ways. It's how I learned to use Photoshop, just playing around with different settings until I found what I liked. I have also been playing around with shapes and the opacity of photos. I think my new blog layout exemplifies that. If you'd like to see more experiments in editing, check out Slightly Out of Focus.

So, what do you think?

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