oh brother

Yep, that's me. Yep, that's my target. Today was my brother's last day in town. We listened to Going Back to Cali this morning (because that's where he lives) and just spent the day with him. I finally got to go to the gun range. My mom was originally the one who wanted to go to the gun range to learn how to shoot, but she quit shooting before I did. I never got used to the kickback. The gun was very heavy, but after a while, my brother didn't have to correct how I was holding it or anything. I'm glad I was able to overcome that fear!

Anyhow, while my brother was in town, we had a barbecue on the third. We went to the park behind my cousin's house and played volleyball, badminton, and basketball. It was really fun. I haven't played volleyball since high school and I have the most ridiculous bruises from that. I have some great action shots of the guys playing basketball, but I've just got to say: look at their facial expressions! That is all :)

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