lakefront brewery tour

Last night, I went on my very first brewery tour. My good friend Laura came into town to celebrate her 21st birthday, Milwaukee-style(Brewery tours, Summerfest, custard, Polka music...). We went to Lakefront Brewery. It was a really fun tour. Our tour guide had us laughing the whole time. In the end, we traded in our plastic cups for a pint glass.

listening to: The Black Keys These Days


  1. brewery tours are so funnnnn.. i especially love the samples hehe :)

  2. Ooh a brewery tour sounds so fun! I want to go on one! I might get drunk off of samples though! Super lightweight :)

  3. Milwaukee is known for its beer so we had a lot of breweries to choose from. Personally, of the local brews, I think Lakefront is the best.