four years

Alex and I celebrated our four year anniversary yesterday. We had a fairly laid-back day. I made breakfast and then we saw Harry Potter. Yes, I waited this long because I didn't want to be a jerk and see it before our anniversary. It's our thing. He kept laughing and shaking his head at me because I was nerding out during the movie. I couldn't help it. It was FANTASTIC. I love when Harry goes into Snape's memories. That makes me choke up every time. After the movie, he usually has questions (he's never read the books) so I fill in the gaps where I can.

I would like to thank Sarah of A Lost Feather for creating the perfect anniversary gift. I really love it, although I didn't want to wear it to work and get it tangled in my name tag. Of course, I spotted this in Sarah's shop and told Alex that I wanted it. He went home and bought it right away, haha. Four years feels like a long time. I'm usually good at keeping track of when things happened. Alex runs everything together, but that's to be expected. We had dinner at Cafe Hollander and watched the movie Rubber when we got home (most bizarre movie I have ever seen). All in all, a great day.

listening to: Bon Iver For Emma


  1. So cute! Congratulations, my dear.

  2. Awe cute, congrats :)

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